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Drug Formulation Bioavailability 2023

About Conference

We are welcoming the participants from across the globe to attend “15th Annual Congress on Drug Formulation & Analytical Techniques” scheduled during at November 06-07, 2023 Stockholm, Sweden.

Under the theme "Novelties in Drug Formulation & Analytical Technique Advancements" this unique international conference will give opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Pharmaceutical community to gather and share their insights and convey their recent developments in the field of generic drug research and current challenges and possibilities in modeling a new drug and breakthroughs in drug development.

Eminent speakers and delegates from around the world are in attendance at the conference to give their insightful presentations on their most recent research and cutting-edge methodologies.

DRUG FORMULATION BIOAVAILABILITY 2023 is a process in Pharmaceutical sciences. A pharmaceutical drug is made up of a compounded formulation made up of one or more active chemicals as well as excipients including fillers, disintegrants, lubricants, gliders, and binders, among others, that are all packaged together in a single package. Analytical R & D, Formulation R & D, Blending, Drying, Punching or Filling, and Packaging are all parts of formulation, which deals with the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in Packaging of the Finished Product. The formulations came in a variety of dosage forms, including topical, parenteral, and oral. The creation of a bioavailable, stable, and ideal dose form for a certain administration route is known as pharmaceutical drug formulation.

Why to Attend:

Meet your target audience with members from around the world focused on learning about Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicinal Chemistry, this is your single best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Pharma and medicinal community, Find out how innovators are closing the gap between product development and adoption, Better identify cyber threats and reduce information security risks, Debate the potential to greater cross-industry and cross-sector collaboration in the race for faster, cheaper, better cures. Conduct demonstrations, distribute information, meet with current and potential Scientists, make a splash with a new research, and receive name recognition at this 2-day event Pharmaceutical Science & Medicinal Chemistry. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, tactics, and the newest updates in Pharmaceutical Sciences fields are hallmarks of this conference.

A Unique Opportunity for Advertisers and Sponsors at this International event

Target Audience:

  • Association, Association presidents and professionals
  • Digital health companies
  • Training Institutes
  • Drug Design and Development
  • Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors
  • PhD Scholars
  • Graduates and Post Graduates
  • Directors, CEO’s of Organizations
  • Noble laureates in Health Care and Medicine
  • Bio instruments Professionals
  • Bio-informatics Professionals
  • Software development companies
  • Research Institutes and members
  • Supply Chain companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • CRO and DATA management Companies
  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Government healthcare departments, HTA’s and drug regulators
  • Genomics and personalised medicine experts

Sessions and Tracks

Track 1: Pharmaceutical Phrasings

Pharmaceutical expression is the process of combining colorful chemical rudiments, including the medicine, to develop a finished medicinal product in pharmaceutics. expression studies number creating a drug expression that's both stable and respectable to the case. This generally ensures converting the medicine into a tablet or capsule for oral administration. The medicine's phrasings show that it's compatible with these fresh substances.

  • Pharmaceutical medicine phrasings
  • Solubility
  • Expression studies

Track 2: Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology

The removal of ice or other frozen solvents from a substance by sublimation and the removal of bound water molecules by desorption are both examples of pharmaceutical freeze technology. Depending on the industry and area where the drying is taking place, the terms lyophilization and freeze drying are interchangeable. Controlled freeze drying maintains a low enough product temperature throughout the process to prevent changes in the dried product's look and properties.

  • Sublimation
  • Pharmaceutical Freeze Technology
  • Bound Water

Track 3: Pharmaceutical Formulations

Pharmaceutical formulation is the process of combining various chemical elements, including the drug, to develop a finished medicinal product in pharmaceutics. Formulation studies entail creating a medicine formulation that is both stable and acceptable to the patient. This usually ensures converting the drug into a tablet or capsule for oral administration. The drug's formulations show that it is compatible with these additional substances.

  • Solubility
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Formulation Studies

Track 4: Formulation Research and Development

The drug exposed to drug development undergoes number of trials and are tested at different stages to produce a final potent therapeutic designed for the treatment of various disorders. Various qualities are evaluated during this process to determine whether the medicine is non-toxic to biological systems and therapeutic. The active ingredients are compounded into final dose form using appropriate excipients and technical processes.

  • Bioavailability
  • Parenteral  medication
  • Vaccines

Track 5: Clinical Research

A BA study allows for the evaluation of the effect of route of administration on patient and then determination of the absolute BA of the drug released from the drug product. The BA for a certain formulation indicates the percentage of the orally supplied dose that is absorbed into the systemic circulation. Absolute Bioavailability is the term used when the reference standard is an IV dosage. Relative Bioavailability is used when the reference standard is any other dose form than IV.

  • Absolute Bioavailability
  •  Systemic Circulation
  •  IV Dosage

Track 6: Nano Medicine & Nano Technology

Nanotechnology is the study of very small structures with sizes ranging from 0.1 to 100 nanometers. Nanomedicine is a relatively new scientific and technological field. A brief overview of the several types of pharmaceutical nanosystems is provided. The dimensions of nanomaterials are used to classify them. Nanotechnology is discussed in depth in a variety of sectors, including health and medical, electronics, energy, and the environment.

  •  Peptide Delivery
  •  Carbon Nanotubes

Track 7: NMR and Small Organic Molecule Analysis

A coffee mass (900 Daltons [1]) compound incapable of facilitating process regulation, with a size on the order of 109 m, is a small grade molecule in bioscience and pharmaceuticals. The majority of drug tests are identical small compounds. The following devices should be utilised for the examination of tiny organic molecules: HPLC technique, chromatography, ultraviolet-visible (UV-VIS) spectrophotometry, infrared (IR) spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry.

  • HPLC Techniques
  • Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-VIS) Spectrophotometry

Track 8: Industrial Pharmacy

Industrial pharmacy is also important in the development of new drugs. The industrial method is critical for every breakthrough drug discovery to achieve widespread commercial application. Supply chainwaste management, product management, post-marketing surveillance, good manufacturing methods, and marketing are some of the factors that industries must address in order to supply safe and cost-effective medicine to patients.

  • Good Manufacturing Methods
  • Waste Management
  • Post-Marketing Surveillance

Track 9: Pharmacokinetics

The study of the time course of drug immersion, distribution, metabolism, and excretion is known as pharmacokinetics. The operation of pharmacokinetic generalities to the safe and effective remedial operation of specifics in a single case is known as clinical pharmacokinetics. Clinical pharmacokinetics' main pretensions are to ameliorate the efficacity and reduce the toxin of a case's drug remedy.

  • Patients Drug Remedy
  • Pharmacologic Responses
  • Mental Diseases

Track 10: Advances in Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry

Organic substances are analysed using chromatography and mass qualitative analysis. In mass spectroscopic analysis, electro spray ionisation( ESI) could be used. As far as chromatography and mass spectrometry are concerned. HPLC is also protean, educational, and well- admired by assiduity professionals. Recent advancements in sample medication ways have helped overcome challenges faced with LC- MS processing of small composites from memoir fluids.

  • Organic Substances
  • Electro Spray Ionisation( ESI)
  • Memoir Analysis

Track 11: Biomarkers in Drug Design

Researchers have been suitable to discover an adding number of significant molecular motorists of cancer growth because to advancements in cancer molecular characterisation technology. Multiple innovative anticancer curatives have redounded from these medicine discoveries, as well as clinical benefits in some patient groups. Despite this, clinically useful prognostic biomarkers of response are still being linked.

  • Cancer Molecular Characterization
  • Anticancer Treatments & New Drugs
  • Medicine Discoveries

Track 12: Traditional Medicine Design

Traditional drug is a collection of expansive knowledge, chops, and practises grounded on propositions, beliefs, and gests that are unique to colorful societies, whether or not they're soluble. still, it's used to maintain health as well as to help, diagnose, and treat physical and internal diseases. Traditional drug refers to medical corridor of traditional knowledge that have been passed down through generations in different communities previous to the arrival of ultramodern drug.

  • New Remedial Targets( Pdts)
  • Mental Diseases
  • Ultramodern Drug

Track 13: Novel Approaches to Analytical and Bio logical Styles

The study of the separation, identification, quality control, and quality assurance of chemical corridor of natural and manmade accoutrements is known as logical chemistry. The preservation of a asked degree of quality in an exceptionally packaged or product, specially via the operation of coffers to each stage of the delivery or product fashion. Bio logical chemistry is asub-discipline of logical chemistry that deals with the dimension of medicinals, ions, proteins, and DNA sequences in synthetic substances or attention.

  • Quality Control
  • DNA Sequences
  • Product Fashion
  • Analytical & Bio Logical Chemistry

Track 14: Computer Backed Drug Design( CADD)

The use of bioinformatics tools to make new medicines has opened up a new avenue of medicine exploration and development. We can use computational tools to find medicine targets and design medicines. In the following medicine design path, bioinformatics has an impact on a new medicine design.

  • Computational tools
  • New Medicine Design
  • Medicine Delivery System

Track 15: Novel Drug Delivery System

In 1970, the expression" medicine delivery system" was chased to characterise a set of technologies that were utilised to develop finished medicine products that weren't intended for rapid-fire distribution. medicine release, immersion, distribution, and elimination processes are all designed to ameliorate product efficacity; medicine delivery technologies alter safety, patient convenience, and compliance. The most common routes of drug administration are the oral and parenteral routes, but alternate medicine delivery is preferred in numerous situations.

  • Medicine Release
  • Expression
  • Elimination Processes

Track 16: Shelf Life & Stability Studies

It entails creating a medicine medication that's both stable and agreeable to cases, which is needed for medicine product marketing blessing. Stability studies are carried out at colorful stages of the medicine development cycle for a variety of reasons, with the ultimate thing of bringing a stable drug to request. medicine expression stability studies are accepted during the development phase to support expression development, safety, and efficacity claims of investigational new drugs.

  • Shelf- Life
  • Package Configuration
  • Medicine Expression Stability

Track 17: Analytical Method Development and Validation

The process of opting an accurate assay procedure to identify the composition of a expression is known as logical system development. It's the process of demonstrating that an logical system is suitable for use in a lab to determine the attention of posterior samples. Analytical ways must be produced using the protocols and acceptance conditions outlined in the ICH recommendations and repurposed within GMP and GLP surroundings.

  • Assurance Departments
  • Product-Specific Adequacy
  • GLP Surroundings

Market Analysis Report

Scope and Importance:

According to the indigenous check of the time 2019, the worldwide medicinals show was worth$934.8 billion in 2018and will reach$ 1170 billion in 2021, developing at5.8, concurring to a after pharma show probe the report. This can be a quickened pace compared to5.2 for a span of 12 months before 2017 but is slower than the other two huge healthcare fractions, remedial gear and healthcare administrations. The biggest pharma show all the worldwide medicinal explicatory testing advertises estimate was esteemed at USD4.4 billion in 2018 and it's estimated to develop with CAGR of8.1 over the estimated period. Expanding R&D enterprises, expanding center on the item quality & security, control is imperative motorists of the development of the advertising. Expanding R&D enterprises is one of the introductory maintainability ways. Within the latterly a long time, the R&D cost is expanding and anticipated to do to extend over the figure period. The medicinals assiduity is ruled by theU.S., which holds around 45 of the worldwide show share since it's driven by the executive situation and the nearness of the well- established outsourcing frame. Driving assiduity players designate around 20 of their development to R&D to save a competitive edge.
Increase in complexity and number of marks, which a single item may misbehave with, is driving significant development within the pharmaceutical explanatory testing administrations outsourcers inclusive is for musculoskeletal medicines. These are specifics for infections similar as rheumatoid- and osteo- joint pain, osteoporosis, carpal burrow complaint, tendonitis, rotator sleeve gash, strong dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, lupus erythematosus, and others. Major medicines in this section incorporate Piroxicam Glaxo, Dolonex, Felden, and Piroxicam Pfizer. The scrap reckoned for 14 of the worldwide add up to in 2018. Cardiovascular, oncology andanti-infective medicines are the moments third and fourth biggest requests.
Current and progressing changes in political, financial, social, mechanical, lawful and natural variables are affecting development within healthcare advertising, where drugs play an imperative portion. The following variables are all boosting healthcare showcase growth:
  • Reduced charges and lowered sedate costs within the USA GDP development of over 6% in China and India
  • Widespread populace maturing and inactive ways of life driving to expanded unremitting malady prevalence Industrialized information administrations in R&D empowering the utilize of clinical trial information in trial simulations
  • Lowered administrative boundaries for unused drugs within the USA High urban contamination levels expanding the rate of conditions like asthma

Transdermal Drug Delivery: Global Markets

The global market for transdermal drug delivery systems should grow from $6.4 billion in 2021 to $7.8 billion by 2026, at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2% for the period of 2021-2026.

Drug Discovery Technologies

The global market for drug discovery technologies should grow from $69.8 billion in 2020 to $110.4 billion by 2025 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.6% for the period of 2020-2025.

Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems: Technologies and Global Markets

The global pulmonary drug delivery systems market should reach $76.9 billion by 2027 from $57.4 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.0% for the forecast period of 2022 to 2027.


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Conference Date November 06-07, 2023

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